Patriarchy is…

Patriarchy is a room full of men making laws about female bodies. It is a judge that blames victims of sexual abuse for wearing short skirts, being too drunk, or too weak. Patriarchy is a group of young men attempting to perform alpha masculinity by raping intoxicated girls in front of each other. Patriarchy isContinue reading “Patriarchy is…”

What I Should Have Said

You know those encounters that leave you thinking for days of what you should have said or done but didn’t? Well, I recently reconnected with some childhood friends and met some of their new friends. Not the good kind, but the kind that is so feeble-minded and detached from reality that makes you wonder whetherContinue reading “What I Should Have Said”

Nina Simone: a Necessary Revolutionary Voice in the Arts during the Civil Rights Movement

What I’ve always loved about Nina Simone, more than her musical talent or revolutionary soul – is the passion in her voice. She might not hit every note in the conventional sense we expect singers to, but in her voice, I feel power, anger, desperation, chaos, and a gist of eroticism. She began playing pianoContinue reading “Nina Simone: a Necessary Revolutionary Voice in the Arts during the Civil Rights Movement”

Book Review: The Stranger (L’étranger) by Albert Camus

Have you ever picked up a new book that’s so captivating that you just can’t put down until you reach the last page? The Stranger (l’étranger) was the un-put-downable book for me of 2020. Written in 1942 by French philosopher, author, and Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus, The Stranger was Camus’ first novel which quicklyContinue reading “Book Review: The Stranger (L’étranger) by Albert Camus”

Book Review: King Kong Theory by Virginie Despentes

“I write from the realms of the ugly, for the ugly, the frigid, the unfucked and the unfuckable, all those excluded from the great meat market of female flesh… Because this ideal of the seductive white woman constantly being waved under our noses – well, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist“. – Virginie Despentes WrittenContinue reading “Book Review: King Kong Theory by Virginie Despentes”


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