Patriarchy is…

Patriarchy is a room full of men making laws about female bodies. It is a judge that blames victims of sexual abuse for wearing short skirts, being too drunk, or too weak. Patriarchy is a group of young men attempting to perform alpha masculinity by raping intoxicated girls in front of each other.

Patriarchy is God portrayed as a man. It is the promise and love of virgins by God in all religions. Patriarchy is the normalization of girls getting pulled out of school when reaching puberty to become good wives. It is widespread child marriage in Asia and Africa. 

Patriarchy is baby girls getting their clitoris cut off as a form of purification. It is a father murdering his daughter for engaging in “sexually immoral” actions and naming it Honor Killing. Patriarchy is polygamous relationships within Muslim communities that treat women as devices to carry out their chores. It is the police killing and raping of prostitutes in Brazil, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Patriarchy is the sexual abuse of women and girls as a war tactic. Patriarchy is war. 

Patriarchy is politics as an ends instead of a means to improve lives. It is a planetary crisis that chooses to prioritize capital over the well-being of our home. Patriarchy is the disregard of human suffering and connection because rationality triumphs over emotion and intuition. It is a hierarchical system that decides who is worthy to sit comfortably at the top and who lays at the bottom condemned to a lifetime of suffocation.

But Woman, like a forest that has been depleted of its best trees, seeks to grow again, reclaim her space, and right to flourish. And this time, Woman is not alone in the fight against Patriarchy – all the wildlife is on her side.